The Swiss Alps cover 65% of Switzerland. At the base is a town called Winterthur. For the past 15 years, our vodka has been using water from the Swiss Alps to produce one of the most unique spirits on the market. Elation Vodka is handcrafted using Swiss spelt, a form of wheat, and rye. We then use cannabis blossoms to flavor our vodka that is triple-distilled and ten times filtered to give Elation its taste. Our flavor is dry but fruity and has a full body with a bright complexion. The aromas of lemon pepper and cannabis are layered to provide one of the most distinctive profiles that stand above the rest, and provide the highest standard.

Elation Vodka has fulfilled all federal requirements for import from Switzerland, to the United States, and ready to be shipped to your facility; pending state approval. The Tax and Trade Bureau as well as independent laboratories have confirmed our product does not contain any THC, CBD, or any other medical properties.


In 1997, the Cannabis laws in Switzerland were vague. Marijuana was not specifically designated as legal, but it was sold in many retail stores throughout the country. Patrick Glauser, a Swiss National, was intrigued by the idea of combining cannabis flavors with vodka. He experimented with many different strains, combinations, and methods of vodka production. Over time, the ingredients and process were perfected, and the world’s first hemp flavored vodka was born. For nearly two decades, Patrick grew his brand in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and other central European countries.

In 2009, Macsen Apollo Eastman, a hip-hop artist, touring Europe stumbled upon Glauser’s product. While in Germany, Macsen found himself in a liquor store where he and Patrick began to create an instant partnership. After learning that Macsen was a touring musician from California, Patrick insisted that Macsen taste his original hemp vodka recipe.

Macsen immediately recognized the market opportunity that hemp vodka would have in the United States. The two teamed up to make that dream become a reality. Elation Vodka launched in June 2015. Since then, the Swiss Vodka brand has busted into over 400 liquor stores, restaurants, and bars.